Board with wine. Bored with wine. Okay so you have a wooden board and you have your wine, now what? We reached out to some friends for the perfect pairing ideas for your next charcuterie board.

ConVino Board is an Ontario small business, owned by Nicolle Laviolette, who’s mission it is to give you what you need to host an incredible charcuterie experience. ConVino Board‘s gorgeous walnut wood boards have unique features, such as a snug hole for your wine bottle and includes, do it yourself pairing cards so you can create mouth-watering spreads for your guests.  If you’re bored with your recent charcuterie boards, here are some fun tips to get you inspired!

Board with wine? Try Pelee Island Lighthouse Semi-Sweet Riesling VQA with blue cheese and almonds on your ConVino charcuterie board.

Everything Happens For a Riesling

Try Lighthouse Semi-Sweet Riesling VQA and pair it with a piece of blue cheese. This flavour combination of sweet with salty really hits the spot. For people who aren’t blue cheese fans, trust us this combo may just change your mind.

ConVino Tip: If you’re still not sold on the blue cheese, try salted almonds before your sip. This pairing intensifies the taste of the wine and really brings out its delicate fruity flavours.

Board with wine LOLA Chardonnay VQA on ConVino charcuterie board with wine.

Hello LOLA

Pour a glass of LOLA Chardonnay VQA and pair it with green olives and salami. This crisp dry wine goes great with this salty duo. Cracker, salami, olive- crunch and then a sip of chardonnay. You’re welcome.

ConVino Tip: Instead of laying the salami flat on your charcuterie board, fold it in half and fold it again. Then repeat. You can create a beautifully textured salami river on your board, which is sure to impress your guests!

Red, Red Wine

Pelee Island Winery Cabernet Franc VQA Ontario red wine with manchego cheese and pecans.

Cabernet Franc VQA paired with manchego cheese is a match made in heaven. This hard cheese has a bite to it. Its texture is buttery but tastes sharp and nutty. Added flavour? Add a candied pecan. The sweetness balances out the cheese and wine. Following your bite, sip this dry, velvety smooth Cabernet Franc and you won’t be disappointed.  

ConVino Tip: Leave the rind on this cheese. It tastes great, gives the cheese extra texture and adds one more fantastic layer to a charcuterie board’s visual appeal.

Stop and Smell the Rosé

Have you tried Pelee Pink VQA? It’s one for your list! Chill this wine and pair it with feta cheese and strawberries. Keep the rest of your charcuterie spread fun, fresh and fruity. This juicy rosé will keep your palette crisp and tart, making you crave the saltiness of that feta bite after bite. 

ConVino Tip: Add florals to your board as a garnish. Pardon? A charcuterie board gets garnish? Yes, it does! Using florals or stems of herbs such as rosemary, sage or mint really pulls a charcuterie board together and gives it a fresh and natural look.

I’ll Be There in a Prosecco

That is what you’ll be saying to guests, as you will be wanting to sneak your own “test bites” before serving”. LOLA Secco VQA is lively and refreshing. A soft cheese like Brie offers a rich but earthy complement to this bubbly. Add some fresh fig and you have the perfect bite. 

ConVino Tip: If you are ever unsure what wine to pair with your charcuterie spread, pick a sparkling bubbly. It’s lively, refreshing and cleanses the palette between each bite. 

We can’t wait to see which Pelee Island wine you pair with your next board! Share on social @peleewinery


Meet ConVino Board

Nicolle Laviolette is the owner and creator of ConVino Board. Her passion for charcuterie started years ago when she picked up a love for entertaining and expressing her creativity through preparing cheese & deli meats aesthetically for friends and family.

ConVino Board was created with the following key unique features: a hole to fit a wine bottle (because who doesn’t love charcuterie with vino); side divot to make it easier to lift and a handle to make the board functional and double as a home décor piece; the boards are handmade with 100% black walnut wood.

Each board comes with ConVino spread cards which include a grocery list, wine pairing and placement picture to make creating the display of people’s board easier!

Check out ConVino Boards here

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