Valentine's Wine Tasting Kit - For Two. including 4 Pelee Island Winery VQA Ontario Wines, locally sourced food and tasting mat

Cheers to love! All the love! Not just on Galentine’s or Valentine’s but whenever! Love is love and we’re big fans of celebrating the bonds formed with the special people in our lives.

With that in mind, we wanted to create an experience to bring people together. Ta da! We present our Valentine’s Wine Tasting Kit. Read all about it along with some inspiration on how to create a fun virtual event to celebrate all the loves in your life.

The Kit

– 4 x 375mL wine bottles paired with individually packaged portions of locally produced meat, cheese, bread and chocolate

2 Pelee Island Winery branded wine glasses

Special Valentine’s tasting mat (Tasting instructions included)

The Wine

Chardonnay VQA – Pale straw in colour. Intense ripe honeydew melon aromas on the nose. Juicy ripe peaches and lime flavours on the palate with a lasting zesty finish. Medium bodied with racy acidity.

Secco VQA – Pale in colour. Light and frothy while green apple and pear dance on the palate. A great choice to celebrate with friends or enjoy with a light meal.

Cabernet Franc VQA – Deep purple-red in colour. Perfectly ripe fruit on the nose, with red berry, cherry and green pepper aroma. A ripe fruit flavour with a balanced acidity.

Pelee Pink VQA – This tangy rosé is appealing for its raspberry & lemon peel flavours, which linger on its medium-dry finish.

Make it Extra Special

Chinese food take out cheers to love

Prep Your Tech Savvy – many of us have gotten pretty comfortable with one or more virtual meeting formats. Choose one that doesn’t give you a time limit and one you’re familiar with.

If you’re not experienced with the platform chosen, play with it ahead of time. Check out the screen views, microphone/audio options, etc. Having a familiarity with the program will allow you to remain in the moment and have fun instead of getting tech-frustrated.

Dress Up or Pick a Theme – and not just the top but fancy pants too! Or a skirt. Don’t forget the fun of getting dressed up. Bonus is you won’t have to trek through snow in your heels!

Order In Dinner – order dinner in from your favourite local restaurant to follow the tasting. If your online virtual group is in the same area, you can all choose one location to dine with. If you’re in far flung places, why not pick a favourite type of cuisine. You can play on the theme for this too.

Dinner Pairing Suggestions

Chardonnay – creamy pasta and seafood

Secco – sushi, Thai and Chinese

Cabernet Franc – BBQ, burgers and pizza

Rosé – tacos, fish dishes and spicy food

However you choose, we hope you celebrate with a cheers to love this February!

Cheers ❤️!

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