What is our Wine Tasting Reference Library? We listened to the feedback of our customers, social media followers and our team’s love of sharing the joy of wine. What we heard? There was a desire for more information and thoughts about wine tasting. So we are creating a virtual space here, where whether you’re a newbie or aficionado, all wine lovers can learn a little more about tasting Pelee Island Winery wines and wine in general.

This page will be regularly updated and shared. We will be adding new sections and notes all the time so add this page to your Bookmarks. We welcome and appreciate your feedback too! Let’s get started.

Traditional Tasting Notes

You can still find all of our full tasting notes for each of our wines on their page in our online Wine Shop.

Click on “Download Tasting Notes” and it will take you to a PDF file.


Varietal means the type of grape used in the the winemaking process. You’ll find both single varietals and blends.

Pelee Island Winery Cabernet Sauvignon tasting notes and selection of varietal. VQA Ontario red wine.

Tasting Notes

When tasting wine, flavours we are familiar with are used as guideposts. They are descriptors that can help hone in the tasting experience.

Pelee Island Winery wine tasting notes pineapple

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