Pelee Island Winery Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Franc VQA exclusive labeled bottles for Eat Drink Dine Kingsville's Best Burger Month on restaurant kitchen with two wine glasses

How do you make your best burger? A classic comfortable food for many, the hamburger appeared on the food scene in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Exactly where and by whom, seems to be open to a great deal of debate. What we do know for sure is that our friends in the Kingsville food and beverage industry are experts and creatives geniuses when it comes to this menu staple.

For the month of November, 12 of our Eat Drink Dine Kingsville association partners will be offering a feature burger and will donate $0.50 from each burger sold to ‘Grow On Windsor’ raising awareness around men’s health.

We’ve jumped on board with offering a special wine and gift card package. Our EDDK Burger Month Package includes: 2 exclusive label EDDK Burger Month labeled Pelee Island Winery wines (Pinot Grigio VQA & Cabernet Franc VQA) + $25 EDDK Gift certificate!

We’ve also rounded up some of the EDDK group and asked them to share what they’re featuring and their best burger tips for you!

Banded Goose Brewing Co.

Banded Goose Brewing Co Owner & Operator, Trevor Loop, believes the bun sometimes helps to make the burger. 

“A great tip to add some texture and crunch to an already delicious burger is to use a very fresh bun. Brush the cut side, of both the top and bottom, with garlic butter and sear on a flat top or fry pan for 3 mins on medium high heat, checking to ensure it doesn’t burn.  Press lightly when you place on your hot surface to get an even toast.  Each bite will give you a warm soft texture followed by a salty garlicky crunch as you get into the meat of your burger.”

Feature Burger: BlackJack Cheese Steak.  A play on the famous ‘Philly style’ cheese steak, two 3.5oz burger patties, layered with house made pimento cheese, provolone, roasted red peppers, crispy onion tanglers BGB cheddar ale cheese sauce and caramelized onion beer mustard all squeezed into a garlic toasted potato-scallion bun.

Beachhouse Grill

Beach House Grill. The name alone makes you think of laid back fun.

“We believe the secret to a good meal, burgers included, is to have something for everyone,” says Owner Patricia Bosco. “That and a warm toasted burger bun is a must have!”

Featured Burger: Carnival Burger. We think the photo says it all. WOW!

Butcher of Kingsville

Best burgers offering from the Butcher of Kingsville to Pelee Island Winery

The Butcher of Kingsville knows a thing or two about what goes into a fantastic burger.

Choosing local, responsibly raised meats is the base for their tip for building your best burger. Adding toppings made from other locally source foods is what brings your burger game home for the win!

One of their favourites is grilled onion and a slice of smoked applewood cheddar.

Feature Burger: 75/25 which is one of the favourites of in-house burgers. Made with 75% grass fed and dry aged beef with 25% smoked bacon for just the right amount of added flavour and moisture. 

Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens

Pelee Island Winery shares Colasanti's Best Burger -  Fire Roasted Honey Chicken Burger for EDDK Burger Month

 Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens is a long-standing Kingsville tradition and we caught up with Ashley Colasanti, Marketing Manager to find out their tips.

“We love brioche buns on our burgers,” she shared.  Another tip from their Head Cooks Joanne and Dereck, “Jalapeños are one of our favourite toppings because it gives your burger a nice kick.”

Feature Burger – Fire Roasted Honey Chicken Burger
Their famous boneless Broasted Chicken Breast loaded with cheddar cheese, jalapeños, onion rings, lettuce, tomatoes and drizzled with Colasanti’s homemade sweet and spicy dressing. Served on a brioche bun with one side of your choice: french fries, broasted potatoes

The Grove Brewhouse

At The Grove Brewhouse you’ll find the love of food, brews and a love of bringing those two things together.

“One thing I love doing with my burgers is a cracked peppercorn crust. I use black, green, and a little pink peppercorn for sweetness,” shares Head Chef, Brandon Zuech. “Working at a brewery I also love integrating our beers into our sauces for burgers, like George the Ghost Beer Jelly.”

Feature Burger: Peppercorn Crusted Burger. Lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, crispy fried kettle chips, George The Ghost Beer Jelly, on a white and black sesame seed bun.

Jack’s Gastropub

Jack’s Gastropub is long known as one of the best burger joints around. Owner & Operator, Trevor Loop, offers up these tried and true tips.

“We believe in hand packing our burgers vs. commercial pressing.  We find that a hand packed burger lends itself to a better bite and mouth feel that is less dense than a hard pressed burger.”

He also shares, “Use a hot flat top grill versus an open flame grill.  We find that the flat top allows us to get a consistent and even caramelization of the meat and caramelization means flavour.”

Feature Burger: Bonham Burger.  Resembling a drum which is the instrument played by the famous ‘Moustache’ wearing drummer, John Bonham of a small English rock band called Led Zeppelin.  The burger is served in a Yorkshire pudding and is layered with brandied mushrooms, caramelized onions, horseradish crema, white cheddar, rich beef demi and finished with crispy fried onions.  Definitely a fork and knife burger!

Kingsville Brewery Taphouse

Pelee Island Winery shares Kingsville Brewery Taphouse November Burger of the month

Kingsville Brewery Taphouse has a great neighbour in The Butcher of Kingsville, who also supplies their meat.

In addition to locally, ethically sourced meat, what’s their other best burger tip?

“As with our Kingsville Brewery beer, our commitment to excellence carries through to our way of dining. Do it with the best of all you have around you. A great product, a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic company. It’s enjoying the best of what’s around you that makes it memorable, says Mark Muzzin, Co-Owner and Founder.

Feature Burger: LAMBurger. Local lamb, Feta cheese, tzatziki and the classic burger garnish.

Koi Sushi

Koi Sushi Best Burger offering with local Kingsville beer

Koi Sushi. You may ask yourself, “What does a sushi place knows about burgers?” Trust us, this team knows food and they know how to creative delicious combinations with it!

“We like to mix it up and we’re not afraid to experiment with flavour combinations,” says Owner Jackie Pagano. “It’s how we come up with new rolls and we bring that philosophy into our feature burger offering. Have fun with your food!”

Feature Burger: Spicy Tempura Chicken Burger. Onion rings, banana peppers, wasabi mayo, and their secret spicy soo-mi sauce. Pairs nicely a local brew or a Pelee Island Winery Riesling.

Mettawas Station Mediterranean Restaurant

Mettawas Station Mediterranean Restaurant owner, Anthony DelBrocco shared these pro tips with us. “Burgers should always develop a nice sear to trap in all the juices and the bun to meat ratio is very important.  Also try a variety of toppings to entice all of your senses with your first bite.”

Feature Burger: Lamb Burger. Which Anthony suggests pairing with a glass of Pelee Island Winery Shiraz.

Whether you’re placing your order or trying your hand at home with these pro tips, we hope we’ve got you adding burgers to this week’s menu!


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