The s’more. Take this classic beyond the kids’ campfire with these classic and fun combinations that pair perfectly with Pelee Island wines.

The Classic S’more

Classic graham cracker marshmallow chocolate s'more.
Pelee Island Winery Lighthouse Semi-Sweet Riesling VQA white wine. Pale lemon in colour. The nose will open to a fragrant orchard fresh aroma with delicate notes of citrus and peach. Fruity and clean in texture moving smoothly across the palate into a long expressive finish.

Graham cracker, chocolate square and the perfectly roasted marshmallow. Who gets credit for this camping staple?

It appears the treat was a campfire staple long before the dictionary officially recognized it: The first known s’mores recipe was published in the Girl Scouts handbook Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts in 1927. The snack was originally called “some mores.” – Real Simple Magazine

For more s’more facts, read the article here.

Pair this classic with Lighthouse Semi-Sweet Riesling VQA

A Little Extra

A tray of s'more toppings with roasted marshmallow.

Elevate your s’more experience by adding a little extra to the classic base.

Pelee Island Lola Sparkling Blush Rosé VQA 250mL Slim Can Ontario wine

Melted Caramels – Pair with: Lola Gewürztraminer VQA or Hopping Apple Sparkling

Marshmallow Rolled in Coconut – Pair with: Lola Chardonnay VQA

Fresh Berries – Pair with: Lola Rosé Sparkling Blush VQA in a 250mL

Wild Things

Oreo cookie s'more with chocolate and marshmallow.
Pelee Island Winery Bourbon Barrel Reserve Baco Noir - Deep purple in colour. A full bodied and firm wine with aromas of dark roasted coffee, licorice and chocolate. Ontario red wine

Take a walk on the wild side of s’mores with these 2 delicious variations.

Oreo S’more – Swap out the graham crackers for Oreos or another favourite chocolate cookie – Pair with: Pelee Island Bourbon Barrel Baco Noir VQA

Ode to Elvis – Oh yes, peanut butter, banana and bacon with a toasty roasted marshmallow on graham crackers. Some may even want to take it a step further with choosing a maple or candied bacon. – Pair with: Lola Secco VQA

No Bonfire – No Problem

S'more pizza with strawberries

S’mores Pizza – If your backyard doesn’t have a bonfire pit, don’t despair. Try this recipe for S’more Pizza .

Have fun with toppings and pair your wine accordingly.

Other than the gooey deliciousness, the charm of s’mores is found in the making of them and the slower pace required to get that marshmallow just right.

We hope this inspires you to take a few moments this summer to slow down and enjoy the simple joys of the season.


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