Summer and reading. The two seem perfectly paired. The hot, lazy days of the summer months make for the perfect “excuse” to stop moving and relax into a good read.

So how does one read island style? Island style means being on “island time”. It’s the slowing down your pace to find your breath, notice the little things around you and really be present in the moment. Applying island style to reading can be achieved with the following:

Island Style Summer Reading Essentials

Summer reading from an e-reader in a hammock.

Get Unplugged

Leave you phone in the other room! If you’re doing your summer reading from a device, turn it to airplane mode.

Nice and Cozy

Pelee Island Winery Lola Sparkling Blush Rosé in 250 mL slim cans on deck with book, straw hat, sunglasses and sandals.

Comfort is key to an island style summer reading session. Its the perfect time to put your feet up. Couch, Muskoka chair, or our favourite, the hammock. A comfy pillow and a light cotton throw is nice to have on hand too.

Refreshments Anyone?

As it’s summer reading and usually that means hot and humid, at least here on Pelee Island, always set yourself up with a water supply.

Of course, we do admit to sipping on a lovely glass of wine too while we’re reading. Or perhaps a sangria with fresh local fruit. See a recipe for simple sangria in our “Red Wine in the Summertime” blog.

Summer Reading Story Time

Stack of books on a table with a pair of reading glasses.

Getting lost in or being moved by a good book is truly one of the simple joys of life. Start by choosing a genre – fiction or non-fiction. Then dig deeper into what peeks your interest.

When polled, many of our team members admit to having a stack of books of various genres on their nightstand. They say they alternate depending on time of day and how much time they’re setting aside to read.

Whatever you choose, we hope this summer affords you a few moments to put your feet up and dive into a delicious read.


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