Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest and most romantic days of the year for florists like our friends at The Flower Shop at Thiessen’s. They are experts at creating symbols of love with flowers for each and every one of their customers. We knew they were the perfect ones to ask all you need to know to pick the perfect petals. 

Does it have to be roses? 

Full bloom red rose from The Flower Shop at Thiessen's perfect for Valentine's Day.

Every year we bring in thousands of stems of roses for Valentines.  Roses are by far the most popular and traditional flower to express your amore on Valentine’s Day.  They are classic and elegant. While we love roses, we also put our “Flower Shop” touch to arrangements.  Combining the traditional rose with modern hydrangeas, elegant ranunculus with lush greenery is becoming a popular option. 

A common misconception about Valentine’s Day is that you have to send red, pink or white flowers.  This is not the case.  Our experience is that colour is a favourite for flower lovers

When should I be ordering my flowers?  

The best time to order your Valentine’s Day flowers is early!!  Valentines’s falls on a Friday this year so the earlier in the week the better. However, if you’re a bit of a procrastinator, but don’t worry, orders can be taken up until the day and most florists will have lots of options available in their cooler on Valentine’s Day.

This is a great option for those who like to visit and handpick their special gift whether it’s roses, a mix or some others options including tulips, gerbera daisies and hydrangeas.  

Purple hydrangeas with blush roses from The Flower Shop at Thiessen's.

To vase or not to vase? 

Stylish giftware and beautiful keepsake vases complete your special gift in a unique way.  When choosing the vase the best option is to decide how you want your arrangement styled.  A tall cylinder vase will create a sleek, modern feel whereas a short cube will give you a tight, clustered look.

Old fashioned romantic? Sometimes a hand-tied bouquet that you deliver yourself is the way to your Valentine’s heart.  A wrapped bouquet of tulips, gerbera or roses or a mixture of them all that you can arrange in a vase of their own that they love is perfect.

Does a penny and some gin prolong the life of your flowers? 

The best way to care for your Valentine’s bloom is water, water, water!  Flowers drink lots of water, especially hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas even like to be misted with water.  Keep your vase full of water and it is best to change the water completely every 2-3 days.  Don’t forget your flower food!!  If ever you don’t have some on hand a spoonful of sugar and a capful of white vinegar will keep your blooms fresh.

Ready for Valentine's Day with a Bottle and two glasses of Pelee Island Winery LOLA Blush Sparkling Rosé VQA Ontario sitting on a side table with light floral bouquet at The Leslie Styles Vacation Rental house in Kingsville, Ontario
📸 Carrie J Photographer at
Main and Leslie – a vacation rental by
The Leslie Style
Shown: LOLA Blush Sparkling Rosé. Purchase online here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Flower Shop at Thiessen’s is located at Thiessen Orchards. They are unique, rustic with a modern flare, flower shop where creativity flourishes.

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P.S. We think a little wine goes lovely with all the blooms.

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