The Buddha Bowl has become a buzz word and has been popping up on menus all over but the term and style of preparing a meal has been around a lot longer than most of us knew.

We connected with Dennis Rogers of Green Heart Kitchen to guide us through the origins and the inside scoop of how-to build a Buddha Bowl.

“The concept comes from ancient China and Buddha himself,” Rogers explained. “The story is that Buddha would walk through the village and people would fill his ‘bowl’ with whatever vegetables they had, so in that tradition, our Buddha Bowls will usually contain 3 to 5 different veggies.”

1. It’s all about the base – quinoa, brown rice, a rice noodle… you have lots of options here. It offers variety of taste and texture as well as catering to dietary needs, such as gluten free.

2. Bring on the veggies – we like to offer a mix of both fresh cold and warm of 4 to 6 of our favourite or seasonal veggies. Adding in some roasted vegetables means more texture and a richer flavour.

Don’t be intimidated about by roasted vegetables. A little drizzle of a healthy oil choice, salt and pepper is all you need to prep them.

Great choices for cold vegetables include pickled cabbage, corn and chopped kale.

3. It’s gotta feel good – again we hit on texture.  The layering of flavours and textures is what gives a Buddha Bowl a satisfying mouth feel.

We like hemp hearts and roasted pepitas ( that’s the green seed inside the white of the pumpkin seed).

4. Protein power – one more way you get to unleash your creativity and engage your tastebuds with Buddha Bowls is through your choice of protein. Roasted chicken, steak or chick peas. Again, go back to what you have on hand.

(Photo credit: Carrie J Photographer at Main & Leslie – a vacation rental by The Leslie Style.

5. Dressed and ready to go – you can top of your Buddha Bowl with a tasty dressing. Our go-tos are a sweet and savoury sun butter with maple (you can use peanut butter too) or a creamy citrus dressing with tahini.

Voila, your Buddha Bowl is ready! Of course, if you find yourself hungry in Kingsville, you can stop by Green Heart for one of their ready to-go Buddha Bowls or order online.


Green Heart Kitchen is operated by Green Heart Catering Services. Their team is based in (and from) Essex County and has a passion for food—real food! They care about where food comes from, how it is grown, and how it is made. It is home to The Green Heart Lunch Club which makes healthy lunches for Child Care Centres and Elementary Schools in Windsor and Essex County.

Their retail store, located on Main St. in Kingsville, is an eco-conscious store with local, thoughtfully sourced products. They offer: Fresh & Frozen Meals, Green Heart Signature Bowls & Salads, Smoothies, and Green Heart goodies – all ready to take home in biodegradable or recyclable packaging. 

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