Stressed over holiday party planning? Fear not. There’s a saying “a little bird told me”. It is used to say that the speaker knows something but prefers to keep the identity of the informant a secret. In this case, both the speaker and the informant are happy to share!

Here’s what we found out when we sat down with Aubyn Evon of Little Bird Wedding & Event Co. this week and asked her for her top 5 tips for holiday party planning.

5 Tips for Holiday Party Planning

1. Lists

Keeping things organized in preparation for the party will make things extra easy. Everything from the guest list, grocery prep-list and dietary restrictions can all be in lists to keep things as straightforward as possible.

Holiday party planning tip - createa a signature event cocktails of festive colours and garnish.
Lola Secco makes the perfect base for a signature cocktail. Purchase online here.

2. Keep it simple

Don’t get stuck in the kitchen – With so many incredible caterers locally, hiring someone to come in and take the stress off is always a good idea. Even grazing tables, or appetizer selections are always a crowd pleaser.

3. Batch Drinks

Creating large batches of drinks saves time behind the bar making speciality drinks for guests. Festive punches are always delicious, especially when they have some of Pelee Island’s own wine incorporated!

Signature event cookies.

4. Keep it Festive

Playing some classic (or modern) holiday tunes is always a great way to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. Decor is always fun for guests to enjoy as well!

5. Make it memorable

Creating an experience your guests will remember is always the most fun, and there are so many ways to do this – specialty place cards, party favours, monogrammed napkins, the list is endless.

Aubyn Evon of Little Bird Wedding & Event Co.

Aubyn Evon is the lead wedding planner at Little Bird Wedding & Event Co., Born and raised in Windsor, ON, she has always loved events, and was constantly trying to find a reason to plan a party.

With a Postgraduate Certificate in Event Management from Humber College and years of experience working alongside event industry professionals, she decided to take the leap and open the doors to Little Bird Wedding & Event Co. 

Photo credits: Personal Branding Photo: Lively Creative Co. Pelee Island Winery Wedding Photo: Danielle Meredith Photography Extra Photos: Vicki Bartel Photography

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