Charcuterie board created by Kings Landing Catering at Pelee Island Winery.
Food is art. Kings Landing Catering Charcuterie Board.

Our friends at Kings Landing Catering know a thing or two about creating amazing food for guests. One of their favourite go-to’s is the festive charcuterie board. If you’re hosting over the holidays, impress your friends and family by incorporating these basic steps for the perfect offering.

Did you know that the original translation for charcuterie is “pork-butcher shop” and although some might be perfectly happy with a plate full of pork, our approach is: 

1) Make it your own (cater to the tastes and preferences of you and your guests)

2) Contrasting textures and flavours is key

3) Get creative with colour

4) Have fun

We’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need to get started on your own charcuterie:

1. Platter or a flat surface lined with parchment or butchers paper

Charcuterie board buffet created by Kings Landing Catering at Pelee Island Winery.
Charcuterie and appetizers for a beautiful buffet style offering.

2. Cheese (mix of flavour & texture with at least 3 different options)

3. Meat or meat substitute (prosciutto, salami, chorizo or Fig Salami by Hellenic Farms for a vegan option)

4. Fruits & Veggies (lots of variety and colour)

5. Carbs & Crunch (crackers, baguette, nuts, chips, chocolate)

Serving sizes:

85-113 grams of meat and cheese combined per person when served as an appetizer or 170-226 grams of meat and cheese combined per person when serving as a main. 

Happy charcuterie-ing!

Kings Landing Catering is a family owned and operated company offering fully catered and smart serve staffed events. Established in June 2017 and although a new catering company, not new to the game. With over 50 years of combined restaurant experience and a portfolio of private events, they are driven by their passion in this field to provide extraordinary guest experiences. They are the also the exclusive caterer to Pelee Island Winery’s newest venue, the Banquet Room. 

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