Sustainable style is our focus here at Pelee Island Winery. And with this unofficial last week of summer upon us, we wanted to share the sustainable initiatives we’ve been loving this season.

LOLA VQA 250mL are the epitome of Sustainable Style at Pelee Island Winery.

LOLA Summer Ready

Just in time for the unofficial kickoff to Canadian summer, we introduced LOLA in 250mL aluminum, resealable and infinitely recyclable bottles on the May Victoria Day weekend. The same VQA, Sustainable Winemaking Ontario certified and VegeCert vegan certified LOLA you love in four varietals Pinot Grigio. Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Franc, Secco and of course the crowd favourite Blush Sparkling Rosé.

Why aluminum bottles? It’s a great way for eco-conscious consumers to responsibly enjoy LOLA in portable, resealable, recyclable bottles. And you did! We loved seeing how you invited LOLA to become part of your summer moments and memories via your social media shares.

Check out the LOLA 250mL Box Set

Pelee Island Winery sweatshirts from Ungalli for Summer Lovin' Sustainable Style

Stylish and Sustainable

We also launched new branded merchandise this summer. Two styles of t-shirts and sweatshirts brought to life for us by Ungalli Clothing Co. They are ethically made from recycled and organic materials, produced in Canadian facilities where workers are safe, respected, and paid fair wages. Ungalli Clothing is a mission-led and female founded company that makes high quality design that is built to last. 

Also, they are so soft and become even more so with wearing and washing. We hope you enjoy transitioning into fall with these pieces. We are currently running a giveaway on social media until Sunday, September 6th. Check it out on Facebook or Instagram for your chance to take home one of these stylish and sustainable new wardrobe staples. Enter here

Naturally Sustainable Style

Zinnias in the Pelee Island Winery vineyard for sustainable winemaking style

When you visit us on Pelee Island, you may notice we have a lot of flowers and such growing all around the vineyards. Sure it looks beautiful but these plants are actually hard at work.

Roses – act as an early warning system. They let our team know if there are conditions such as mildew or pests like aphids as these tend to show in roses first.

Zinnias & Lavender – attract the good insects. Yes, there are good bugs, such a bees, that visit for these flowers and herbs. They do double duty and deter bad insects also.

Alfalfa – growing between the rows help breakdown the nutrients in the soil so that the vine roots can more easily absorb them. Once cut down, we compost the alfalfa and use it as a fertilizer full of nitrates. A sustainable style win – win!

Community Counts

Environment, Economy and Community. These are the pillars of the Sustainable Winemaking Ontario certification. At Pelee Island Winery, we are certified both in our vineyard practices and our winemaking process. We also hold the community portion of this program in great regard. This summer we have been honoured to partner with Windsor Pride Community, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Fresh Water Alliance for the #LakeErieChallenge.

Pelee Island Winery welcome board at Kingsville Retail Boutique

We’ve also been inspired and grateful for our customers partnering with us at our Kingsville Winery location. With our wine tastings by donation of choice, you helped us raise $946 for the #LakeErieChallenge and an incredible $6,880 for our local area Foodbanks.

Sustainability isn’t a seasonal thing for us. It’s a way of operating on a daily basis. We couldn’t do that without our hard-working and committed staff at the winery and their contributions.

Stay tuned as we continue to share these initiatives. We look forward to you joining us on this journey.


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