Cottage style summers are a way of life on Pelee Island. If you didn’t know, in addition to growing some pretty good grapes, Pelee Island is a summer vacation destination for many. Whether it’s day tripping, a weekend at an Inn or Bed and Breakfast, or renting a place, there’s a relaxed cottage style – island vibe that permeates.

Understanding that travel is not for everyone, we wanted to share some ways to bring that cottage style to you, wherever you may find yourself this summer.


Yes, it’s a verb. Time spent relaxing in a hammock is time well spent at the cottage or in your cottage style retreat. There are many options that work in a range of environments. For some magical reason, many of us seem ok with hammock-ing as a verb, allowing us to do nothing and relax. We highly encourage this as a favourite down-time “activity”.

A Stack of Books

Reading is one of summer’s most simple pleasures. A book can inform, inspire and provide a great escape. Make friends with your local bookstore staff. Tell them what kind of time out you want and let them do what they do best and recommend titles you’ll love to get lost in this summer.

Fun and Games

Essential to cottage style is a sense of fun. If you’re creating a space at your home base, allow yourself a little more whimsy than you may usually. Having a great selection of games on hand is another must.

Check out our blog “Game On” for suggestions, along with snacks and pairings.

Absence of the Everyday

Part of the appeal of cottage style is that it does not distract us with the everyday. Those to-dos and tasks that tend to pile up around us when we’re busy are not staring back at us giving us feelings of “have tos” when we’re at the cottage.

Creating a space in your home, whether that be indoor or out, that is zoned clutter-free is a simple way to recreate a little of that peace of mind. You may not have a place for a hammock but a comfy chair with a side table for a book and perhaps a glass of wine can become your cottage style space.

Speaking of wine…

The Cottage Series

In 2020 we made the decision to head in a new direction with the labels on a few of our products. Given it was the start of a new decade, the time felt right for a change. The wines that were once part of our ‘bird series’ (Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Shiraz Cabernet) were all mature brands that hadn’t seen a refreshed look in many years. While the look has changed from bird to boat, canoe to be exact, the composition of the wine has remained unchanged. It is and will remain the consistent product you have enjoyed in the past.

Pinot Grigio

Pelee Island Pinot Grigio Cottage Series

A summer sipping classic. Pinot Grigio offers an expressive, vibrant wine that has a refined mineral and floral driven bouquet. Crisp citrus entry on the palate, light acidity but finishes with a slightly tart quality. It pairs perfectly with simple cottage-style afternoons.

Elevate your hammock snacks with these Sesame-Soy Grilled Shrimp with Avocado on Cucumber Slices from Average Betty.


Pelee Island Winery Merlot Cottage Series Red wine

Deep red in colour, Merlot is rich, full bodied and intense. It’s lively and tangy on the palate with savoury herb, pomegranate, red currant and racy red cherry. Genuine depth on the finish.

Yes! Merlot is great with your lighter meat and vegan grill offerings but this is cottage style. Not much more brings us back to cottage memories than s’mores. You had us at chocolate and red wine.

Creating cottage style without a bonfire? No problem. Check out our blog “S’mores Please” for a delicious recipe for s’mores pizza and some other great wine and s’more pairings.

Shiraz Cabernet

Pelee Island Winery Shiraz Cabernet Cottage Series

A deep, rich, juicy red, Shiraz Cabernet starts by offering an opaque purple colour. It’s followed by a great range of layered flavours including spices, cherries and vanilla. It will hold strong with a multilayered mouthfeel and a delicate finish.

This one is a perfect evening sipper. It also is super food friendly. If you’re grill styles lean more toward Cajun or your cottage style evening is on your condo patio with local spicy Thai takeout, you’ve met your match.

This Cajun Barbecue Sauce from Spruce Eats is perfect for just about anything you’ve got on the grill.

All Cottage Series wines are offered in a 750mL bottle and 3L Bag in Box. These popular and familiar varietals are sure to please the palette and pair with your cottage style summer.


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