Want to learn all about Baco Noir? Well, we can’t cover everything single fact and detail but we’re share happy to share our favourites here.

On the Vine

Origin: France

Namesake: François Baco who bred the varietal at the turn of the 20th Century in France

Cross Between: Folle Blanche and a Vitis Riparia grape variety from North America

Grape Characteristics: resilient in the harsh cold, a hearty grape

Ontario Star: Baco Noir is becoming known as “Ontario’s signature grape” according to our friends at the LCBO. With careful cultivation in the vineyard, along with a winemaker’s craft, a lovely taste experience can be created.

In the Glass

Aroma: Black fruit (plum, black current, black cherry, blueberry), coffee, vanilla, smoky earth

Appearance: deep, rich, purple-red

Taste: dark, lush fruit such as black plum, bright raspberry, coffee, licorice, chocolate

Tannin: Low

Acidity: Medium to high

Finish: Smooth, spicy

On the Table

Pelee Island Winery Baco Noir VQA Ontario 3L Bag In Box
All About Baco Noir VQA Ontario red wine from Pelee Island Winery

When it comes to pairing Baco Noir, it’s a great red to bring when you’re not sure what is being served as it is very food friendly. A general rule of thumb is to pair it with grilled meats, turkey, aged cheeses and spicier fare.

Our core line Baco Noir VQA pairs well with slow-baked lasagna, hearty braised beef stew with root vegetables, grilled burgers, spare ribs, wood fired Margherita pizza and hearty vegetable soup.

Recipe Suggestion: Margherita Pizza

Note: our Baco Noir VQA also come in the Baco Noir VQA in 3L Bag In Box. Bag In Box wines are a convenient format that keeps wine fresh up to 6-weeks; packaging is recyclable (and reusable in some cases); due to the density and lighter weight of packaging,  Bag In Box is more carbon-friendly choice for consumers and According to a recent study conducted in Italy, Bag In Box is the most environmentally sound from of wine packaging.

Quickly becoming a fan favourite, Bourbon Barrel Reserve Baco Noir VQA offers visual appeal with a deep purple in colour. It’s a full bodied and firm wine with aromas of dark roasted coffee, licorice and chocolate.

We suggest pairing it with Beef Carpaccio with beets or rustic duck, pork, cranberry and onion pie.

Recipe Suggestion: Beef Beet Burgers with Feta Spread


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