Do you tend to lighten up with your choice of wine once there’s a waft of warmth to the air? We’ve been feeling the shift in our wine choices with last week’s warmer air. Being located in the southernmost Canadian location, we realize we may get to feel spring a little earlier than the rest of the country.

With the change of season often comes a change of menu and this is perhaps one of the greatest factors in why one’s preference in wine may vary season to season. With meats done in the oven or BBQ, winter and summer share flavours for bold reds. As spring and autumn are transition seasons, each is unique.

As we want you to be prepared for when the steady flow of spring weather finds you, we’re sharing some of our favourite spring recipes and wine pairings.

Pelee Island Winery Core line Pinot Grigio VQA Ontario white wine. Lighten up it's spring.

Deep to Bright Whites

Around Pelee Island Winery, we like to refer to spring as Pinot Grigio season. This varietal’s characteristics lends itself beautifully to the lighter fare found on your spring plate.

Generally crafted to a light or medium body wine, Pinot Grigio has a pleasing acidity making it particularly refreshing. With notes of lemon and apple, this wine can also possess soft floral undertones. Our Pinot Grigio VQA offers a light floral nose with ripe pears and apricots on the palate and a nutty finish.

What to pair it with: Spaghetti al Limone With Asparagus

Pelee Island Winery Core line Cabernet Franc VQA Ontario red wine. Lighten up it's spring.

Big Bold to Medium Complex

Think medium and moderate for the body and tannins in Cabernet Franc. It’s about balance with this wine. A little earth, green pepper and a bit of berry. Like Pinot Grigio, our Cabernet Franc VQA has a medium to higher acidity which again, invites for a refreshing palette experience. It also offers perfectly ripened fruit on the nose, light currant jam and spice followed by a hint of cedar on the palate. Succulent summer berry pie with velvety tannins on a long flavourful finish.

It’s lighter, laid back and gets along very well with all sorts of fare. Found in the classic both Bordeaux and Meritage blends, when this grape is on its own, it is allowed to shine for the star that it is.

What to pair it with: Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Crunchy Slaw

Pelee Island Winery Pelee Pink VQA Ontario rosé wine.

Rosé All Day

The current crowd favourite, rosé can be made in three different ways. Check out our rosé blog for more about that here.

Rosés can vary in their depth of colour based on how long the skins are left in contact with the juice. Our Pelee Pink VQA is made in the short maceration method where in black grapes are crushed and left with the skins to extract colour and tannin. The resulting colour and flavour is dependent on the winemaker’s style and preference.

You’ll find Pelee Pink VQA to be a tangy rosé, appealing for its raspberry and lemon peel flavours, which linger on this medium-dry finish. A medium-bodied wine with a good concentration, fine acidity and length.

Every Season Sparkles

Pelee Island Winery LOLA Secco VQA Ontario white wine. Lighten up it's spring.

Let’s just be straight up obvious here. Secco works with every season. Celebrating, sipping and for pairing with food, its versatility is vast.

Take our LOLA Secco VQA for example. It’s light and frothy while green apple and pear dance on the palate. We craft our Secco using the Charmat method. You can read more about sparkling wine on our blog here.

As far as meals go, pair your spring Secco sips with delicate fish, fresh oysters, Porcini mushroom risotto. or use as an aperitif. It’s also fabulous for dessert.

What to pair with it: Luscious Lemon Bars

Cheers to spring!

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