Cabernet Sauvignon being poured into a glass.

Cabernet Sauvignon has long been known as one of, if not the most, popular red wine varietal today. Most likely one that has been sipped across most palettes on its own or in a beautiful blend.

This grape comes by its accolades for two reasons, that in theory oppose one another. It’s very adaptable. Yet, it also stays true to itself.

Cabernet Sauvignon as a grape vine, thrives in many different soil types and climates. You can find it growing well in almost every wine region in the world. While it adjusts to its environment however, its basic character remains constant.

Pelee Island Winery Winemaking team members - Tim Charisse, Jessie Horvath, Martin Janz
Tim Charisse, Jesse Horvath, Martin Janz 📸 Ian Virtue

A Winemaker’s Favourite

As a crop, it produces a dense leaf canopy and relatively high grape yields. This offers the winemakers the opportunity to find the right balance between quantity and quality. Working together, our Viticulturist, Bruno Friesen, our Winemakers, Martin Janz and Tim Charisse, and our winemaking team bring out the best the vines have to offer.

In Barrels and Tanks

Pelee Island Winery Laboratory Technologist Angela Mulcaster in the lab test Cabernet Sauvignon
Angela Mulcaster
📸 Ian Virtue

This classic red offers new opportunities with each vintage. In the barrels and tanks is where the art of winemaking meets the science. As the conditions change from season to season, so do the nuances and chemistry in the wine. Working closely with our wine making team is our Laboratory Technologist, Angela Mulcaster.

“I love the chemistry of it all,” states Angela. “It’s not just juice or alcohol. Seeing things on the molecular level, you see things happening. You realize that wine is alive.”

In the Glass

That distinctive nose and flavour of Cabernet Sauvignon is undeniable. Here that commitment to its character comes through via notes of Capsicum (Green Pepper), Black Cherry, Black Currant, Cedar and Baking Spices.

Its adaptability shows itself in more subtle aromas picked up in the terroir (the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced). In the Lake Erie North Shore (LENS) Appellation and the South Islands Sub-Appellation, where you’ll find Pelee Island, Cabernet Sauvignon tends to reflect an effect of our soil.

Pelee Island Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve VQA Red Wine

Our unique Toledo clay soil with limestone leads to rapid drainage. This makes the grapes work a little harder for their water and in turn, makes their classic flavours even more pronounced.

At the Table

“Cabernet Sauvignon is not just for pairing with meaty dishes'” shares Glenn, Retail Associate at our Kingsville Winery. “While it’s perfect for rich, garlicy and grilled meats, it also pairs beautifully with marinated grilled vegetables and fatty fish, such as salmon.”

Garlic Butter Grilled Steak and Shrimp

Grilled Salmon with Creamy Red Wine Garlic Sauce

Pelee Island Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve VQA Ontario Red Wine. Medium ruby red colour. This wine is full bodied and characterized by plum, cherry, blackberry, vanilla and tobacco flavours.
Vinedressers Cabernet Sauvignon VQA Ontario Pelee Island Winery
Pelee Island Winery Vinedressers Meritage VQA Ontario red wine. Dark garnet colour. A beautiful example of a Bordeaux style wine, with aromas of black raspberries and currants. One sip of this wine and you will see why it is worthy of such a prestigious name. Taste buds will celebrate the flavours of delightful cocoa with a sprinkle of tobacco. South Islands VQA.

Cabernet Sauvignon That’s Perfect for the Holidays & Gift Giving

Vinedressers Cabernet Sauvignon – 2018 Vintage

Vinedressers Meritage VQA – 2018 Vintage

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve VQA

Vinedressers Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Franc VQA – 2017 Vintage WATCH FOR IT IN EXCLUSIVE HOLIDAY PACKAGES AND ONLINE IN 2021


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