Letter writing? It may seem a little old fashion to some but we took a poll with our team and we all agreed, we love getting a handwritten letter in the mail. Knowing someone took the time to sit, write and send something especially for you offers a special quality that an email just can’t match. 

The Medium

There are so many beautiful cards and papers to chose from for your letter writing. If you’re lucky enough to have a stationary store in your town or city, start there. We also love the selection of handmade original cards created by artists. If you have a local artists market, check them out. If not, many can be found on Etsy. 

Letter writing handmade painted card with lilacs - 📸 Carolyn V - UnSplash


Embrace your own inner artist and create your own cards. You can choose a favourite subject or something that you know the receiver will find special. 

Cards can be made from specialty perforated card stock (so they bend in half nicely) or use what papers you have on hand. 

Have fun. This is a great way to create art on a scale that’s not daunting for budding artists. Experienced artists may find it  a fun way to play with a new medium.  

The Message

What do I write about? Looking to write a letter but not sure what to “talk” about?

Letter writing love with an old ink pen. 📸 John Jennings - UnSplash

Here’s a list to get you started.

– The activities of your day 

– One of your hobbies such as how the garden is coming along 

– What the kids are up to

– Something you’re hopeful about 

– Love (it’s the classic letter)

Benefits of Letter Writing

Slowing Down 

📸 Annie Spratt - UnSplash

Writing a letter means your penmanship needs to be legible. You’ll need to take a moment to sit down and focus. 

The other fun is that this isn’t instant. There is a time factor creating anticipation. Something we don’t get in the instant gratification of screen time. 

Letting go of Perfection

There’s no spell check on the end of your pen. If you make a mistake and catch it, cross it out and move on. 


When you write a letter, you are creating something that can be tucked away and read again in the future. Think of the great letter’s throughout history and how those voices have been cherished.

You may have seen that penpal groups have been on the rise the last few months. The groups usually have one admin person. This person gets a few friends to sign up. These members then bring in another friend of theirs from a different social group. The admin collects names and addresses and pairs people up with those who they don’t know. It makes it interesting and offers lots of options for story sharing. 

We hope we’ve sparked some inspiration to curl up with a pen and paper and lose yourself in this art form that will put a smile on your face and that of the recipient. 


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Featured in banner photography – LOLA Cabernet Franc Rosé VQA and art cards created by Found On Pelee.