As we head into the warmer weather many of us are heading outside to cook too. Are you finding the task of mastering your BBQ-ing techniques daunting? Not to worry, our friends at The Butcher of Kingsville have put together a few tips for a fail-safe grilling experience.

Start at the Source

The Butcher of Kingsville in Kingsville Ontario meat counter of butcher shop

It all starts with sourcing your meat. So let’s share some things to keep in mind when looking for cuts to grill. 

Look for pasture raised local, AHS free (antibiotic, hormone, steroid free) and grass-fed when it comes to beef. It’s more flavourful and nutritious. It also reduces the carbon footprint of said animal. 

Ask your butcher about dry aging as it intensifies the flavour and reduces the moisture content. The dry aging process actually tenderizes your steak and it won’t shrink up when it hits the grill. 

Meat is a scale of two variants – Tenderness / Texture and Mild / Rich   

Wooden cutting board with sliced BBQ steak with rosemary sprig and a sauce with a glass of Pelee Island Winery Vinedressers Cabernet Sauvignon Petit Verdot VQA

’Tis the Season

Beef (Steak)

We recommended keeping it simple. Olive oil, salt and pepper. That’s it! A quality steak doesn’t need fancy seasonings.

What to sip with steak? Try our Vinedressers Cabernet Sauvignon Petit Verdot VQA found in our Bold Reds package alongside other great reds to pair ready to be paired with food from your grill.

Plates of sliced BBQ chicken with grilled greens and a glass of Pelee Island Winery Lola Chardonnay VQA white wine

Try your favourite salad dressing; salt, pepper with your favourite herbs. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Curry, pesto, BBQ rubs, paprika and don’t forget garlic.

What to sip with grilled chicken? Try our Lola Chardonnay VQA


We will encourage you again here to give your favourite salad dressing a go. Low and slow cooked pork is always great with a BBQ sauce pairing. Salt and pepper as always.

What to sip with pork? Try our Bella Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé VQA

BBQ porkchops in a cast iron pan with a bottle of red wine

Take note – We can’t stress enough how much salt intensifies the meat flavour and the other seasonings you will eventually add will compliment that. 

Hitting the Grill

Whether working over an open fire or even on the BBQ, try a cast iron pan!

Worked muscle and fat means flavour to your meat but usually requires work to be tender or to break down whereas tender meats require high heat for short periods of time. 

Searing is key for tougher cuts such as brisket, shank and cheek. They require low heat for extended period of times to break down muscle fibre and render fat for a spoon tender product. In regard to cooking steak in general, the hotter the pan or grill, the better the cook.

So whichever your choice of meat may be, we hope these basics get you started on the path to creating the perfect summer BBQ experience.

Happy BBQ-ing!


The Butcher of Kingsville at 13 Main Street West, Kingsville Ontario showing the outside entrance of the store.

Ethen DeSanti is the Head Butcher at The Butcher of Kingsville. He has been with the shop since 2011 and specializes in craft whole animal butchery. 

The shop supplies a variety of grass-fed, antibiotic hormone steroid free meats, which they source locally. You’ll find a variety of raw products such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb and game products. Handmade burgers, sausages and ready to grill products as well as prepared foods, and a wide variety of both local and international cheeses. 

You can find The Butcher of Kingsville located at 13 Main Street West, Kingsville, ON. It happens to be right next door to the Kingsville Brewery

BBQ, a glass of wine, a local brew in the backyard… sounds like summer to us!

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