Musical Performance agreement

Musical Performance Agreement

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This Agreement ("Agreement") is made on

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Pelee Island Winery & Vineyards Inc. ("Winery"), an Ontario corporation with its headquarters at 455 Secliff Drive, N9Y 2K5 Kingsville, Ontario, and


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for the purpose of arranging music performances at Pelee Island Winery & Vineyards Inc.

1. Performance Details Performer agrees to perform music at Pelee Island Winery & Vineyards Inc. [Pavilion and Wine Garden or Kingsville location] on [Date] and [Date] for a duration of [#] hours each day, [with a 30-minute break included, if applicable] (total performance time of [#] hours per day). The performance shall be scheduled as follows:

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Performance b. (time)
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Performance c. (time)

2. Compensation Winery agrees to pay [X Amount] in Canadian Dollars for the totality of the performance. Payment shall be issued upon receipt of an invoice and will be paid within the 7 days following the performance by cheque or by INTERAC transfer. Performer is responsible to provide payment information on the invoice. Invoice to be sent to

3. Performer's Responsibilities

a. Performer agrees to obtain all necessary permits and permissions required to perform the music.
b. Performer shall be responsible for bringing their own equipment necessary for the performance. The Winery will provide [X Equipment] upon prior request.
c. Performer shall be responsible for the setup and takedown of their equipment.

4. Exclusive Performance Performer agrees to perform exclusively for Pelee Island Winery on the scheduled dates.

5. Accommodations, Transportation, and Other Fees:

a. In exchange for the exclusive performance, Winery will provide accommodations and transportation to/from the island, free of charge for the Performer only.
ii. Transportation Fees: As per the Ontario Steamship Transportation Company (OSTC) pricing grid.
c. If Performer brings any family members or friends who require Winery accommodations for the duration of the stay on the island, a housing fee of $80 per person, plus applicable cleaning fees and taxes shall apply.
d. Performer is solely responsible for transportation fees for any additional guests.

6. Deductions from Total Compensation If applicable, Housing fees and transportation fees incurred by Performer can be deducted directly from the total compensation payable to Performer.

7. Liability Waiver – Housing Performer must sign the General Liability Waiver when staying in accommodations provided by the Winery, regardless of whether the accommodation is provided free of charge or at a set price.

By signing below, the Parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

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