How did you and Daniel meet? Through mutual friends.

What was the moment you knew they were “the one”? Dan drove to London (where I was living at the time) at 1am so I wouldn’t have to spend my weekend alone. It was about 3 weeks into knowing each other and I was sold after that! 

What did your first date entail? We played beach volleyball with a bunch of friends, went out for lunch, and then we also went mini golfing and I almost hit Dan in the face with a golf ball.. 😂

Tell us about your proposal. Dan surprised me and we went for a sunset walk at Point Pelee when the tip was out really far! Our friends joined and he caught me completely off guard! 

What was your favourite memory about your wedding day? We took a moment to ourselves before walking into the reception to take in the fact that we were married! 

Why did you choose Pelee Island Winery as your wedding venue? Billy and Elie were so wonderful to work with – I definitely had the best feeling after our first meeting with them! It was also set up for a wedding so we got to see the hall all decorated! Oh.. and the wine! 

What is the secret to a happy marriage? Work as a team! Relationships are still work after you’re married – keep listening to your partners needs & wants and work together to make the life you want together happen! 

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