Love is always in the air here at Pelee! To celebrate love this February, we’ve reached out to some of our couples who got married here in 2022 to share their love story with you! Grab the kleenex box because these stories are straight out of a Hallmark movie.

Meet Michelle & Jack

How did you and your partner meet? Through mutual friends.

What was the moment you knew they were “the one”? Right from the beginning, everything felt very effortless between us. I had never felt so comfortable with someone so fast before. (My husband said “ditto” for this answer as well haha)

What did your first date entail? The movies, followed by a lot of talking and laughing between one another. As I said above, it was just effortless from the first moment. He had walked me out to my truck, kissed me goodnight and opened my car door for me (I was shocked haha) and everytime I told people that, they couldn’t believe Jack would do that so it sort of made me feel special in a way. 

Tell us about your proposal. I love Disney, but we got engaged during covid year so it was hard to get over to the states at the time. So, my husband had my friend take me to dinner as he set our backyard up like Disney World with all the Disney characters set up with candles forming a path out into our yard and there was him standing in a bed of candles and rose petals with a picture of the Disney castle behind him and music playing. 

What was your favourite memory about your wedding day? My favorite memory would have to be our first dance. Even though everyone’s eyes were on us, it sort of felt like it was a moment between me and him. We chatted about the day and made jokes to each other for the majority of the dance which felt less nerve wracking, as Jack hates having all eyes on him!

Why did you choose Pelee as your wedding venue? The venue was beautiful before even decorating and when I viewed the place it just felt right for my style of wedding that I had pictured. Billy had also made everything feel so at ease, even in our first meeting with him. 

What is the secret to a happy marriage? Obviously communicate clearly and often, but always turn within your partner whenever there is a problem or situation. You married that person so that you would have someone to go through life and those challenges with; meaning if you ever need help, advice or comfort then your significant other should be your safe place. 

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