The new year is a time for new goals, traditions and memories. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can carry your love for wine into the new year!

Challenge Yourself to Expand Your Wine Knowledge

Have a love for wine but wish you knew more? There are plenty of books and courses out there that can help you learn more about how wine is made, what to look for with different varietals and what foods to pair your wines with. Maybe 2023 will be the year you get certified as a sommelier? If you live in Ontario, here’s a list of wine courses you can take.

Find bloggers and influencers on social media who also love wine and engage with them – share your thoughts and experiences and build connections around the wine community. One of the easiest ways to learn more about wine is through conversations with people who also love wine!

Feeling extra ambitious? Start a wine-journal or blog of your own to share the things you learn through your journey.

Bonus: learn about companies like Vinequity which support BIPOC folks interested in joining the wine industry.

Share Your Love For Wine with Family and Friends

Want to share your love for wine with more people? Host a wine tasting party, join a wine club or attend a wine-themed event where you can connect with fellow wine lovers.

If you live in the Windsor-Essex region, plan a wine tour to visit all of the wineries we have here in our area. There’s plenty to choose from. Our friends at EPIC Wineries have all of the information you need to know in order to pick which wineries you want to attend.

If you’re looking to come visit us here at Pelee Island Winery, we do all of our tastings by donation to a local charity. We choose a new one each month. Details for your visit to our Kingsville location can be found here. Our Pelee Island Pavilion is closed for the season but re-opens in the Spring. Keep your eyes on our social media to see when we plan to re-open.

Experiment With Different Wine Pairings

Have a few wines you love? Work on some recipes that pair perfectly with them! It might take a little trial and error but not only will you learn more about your favourite wines but you’ll also freshen up on your cooking skills as well. Here are some wine pairing tips for beginners to help get you started.

Level up your dining experience for yourself or your guests by creating a wine-themed playlist that you can play during your dinners.

These are just a few ways to carry your love for wine with you into 2023! We have a lot of wines to choose from that you might want to taste if you haven’t done so already. Expand your palette and step outside of your wine comfort zone. Cheers to 2023!