The fall weather is here and we’ve been trying out some new drink recipes to carry you through the holiday season! For the past year, we’ve heard so many people talk about the Aperol Spritz recipe and we decided to put our own take on it with our Nero Spritz.

Introducing – Nero Spritz

This drink is fun, light and delicious! It’s easy to sip and will wow your guests with flavour, despite being an incredibly easy recipe. Here’s how to make it!

1 oz Aperol
Simple Syrup (here’s a recipe to make homemade simple syrup)
Club Soda
Orange Slice (to garnish)

Mix all ingredients together and top with an orange slice.

About LOLA Nero

LOLA Nero is a Red Sparkling VQA wine. This garnet-coloured sparkling red wine evokes flavours of raspberry, redcurrant and plum. A Charmat method secondary fermentation gives this wine its light, frothy bubbles, while presenting a mouth feel of red wine.

It pairs well with BBQ pork chops, lemon pesto vegetable skewers or aged cheeses.

What is VQA?

VQA stands for “Vintners Quality Assurance”. Having the VQA logo on the bottle ensures that all of the grapes used to produce that wine are grown in a certain appellation. If you look closer on the back label you will notice our wines saying “VQA Ontario VQA”. This means that all of our wines are made from 100% Ontario grown grapes. Some of our bottles also have a “VQA South Islands VQA” designation. This means all of the grapes were grown on Pelee Island. This is a unique designation to us.

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