There’s something beautiful about a family coming together to raise a pet that ultimately becomes an extension of the family tree. It is no question that pets have an innate ability to complete a family and bring them closer together. When developing the concept for the Best in Show wine featuring the names Max and Molly, we wanted to play on this same concept.

A product that reminds you of your favourite memories with your pet – the one that’s truly the “best” in your life. Consider it an ode to the playful, joyous and loving moments you share, or have shared, with your pets – whether they are still here or have crossed the rainbow bridge. 

We took some time to ask our staff about some of their favourite memories with their pets – what their names were, what adventures they took and what tricks they taught them. To our surprise, many of our staff have had (or currently have!) pets named Max or Molly. They seemed like a perfect choice for our Pinot Grigio and our Cabernet Sauvignon.

Behind the Names Max & Molly

The name Max is one that conveys an energetic and super-charged personality with common characteristics like cooperative, gentle and diplomatic. It made sense for us to choose a Rotweiler to put on our bottle. Perfect for pairing with our Cabernet Sauvignon which is dark ruby in colour and has aromas of red berries and toasted oak. It’s dry and medium-bodied with a full and balanced finish. 

The name Molly is one that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual with characteristics like intelligence, poise and obedience. For this reason, we chose a Golden Retriever which also holds these same characteristics. A perfect match for our Pinot Grigio which is pale straw in colour, dry and medium-bodied, also with a balanced finish. It has aromas of apple, hazelnut and a touch of vanilla. 

Continuing Our Love for Pets

Here at Pelee Island Winery, we have an ongoing love for pets. In fact, we do a lot of different fundraising initiatives for the Humane Society. In the past, we have done Pet Pics Labels where proceeds go to the cause and have also made donations through our tasting bar. So far this year, we have raised $22,704.89 for the cause and plan on bringing back our Pet Pics Label promotion again around the holidays. 

While we don’t encourage you to share your wine with your pets, we will love to see photos of them with you while you enjoy a glass of Best in Show. Tag us in your photos with your fur friends!