Wine doesn’t just have to be paired with some fancy dinner! These junk food wine pairings will help you find which wines pair best with your guilty cravings – popcorn, doughnuts, ice cream and more.

For the Popcorn Lovers

If you enjoy a nice bowl of popcorn with your Friday night movie, we suggest pairing it with a glass (or two!) of our LOLA Chardonnay. LOLA Chardonnay is partially oaked with subtle butter notes and has a medium body that will pair nicely with the butter in the popcorn. The dry citrus notes will also help cleanse your palate.

For the Chip Lovers (The Ultimate Junk Food)

If you love indulging in a bag of chips, in this case Miss Vickies Spicy Dill Pickle chips, pair it with our Pinot Grigio VQA. This wine has a nice fruit palate that will compliment the spiciness of the chips. To compliment the acidity of the dill pickle flavour, you need something crisp and fresh with a little bit of fruit. The Pinot Grigio VQA will do well here.

For the Cheesecake Lovers

Any cheesecake will pair nicely with the Late Harvest Riesling. This particular wine is harvested once brix are above 21 which means it has our highest residual sweetness besides our ice wines. Although this is true, the Riesling has a beautiful acid profile so it’s well balanced and not too sweet. It’s sweet enough to match the cheesecake and balanced enough to be an interesting and delicious wine making it a perfect junk food wine pairing.

For the Ice Cream Lovers

A popular and delicious way to use our Cabernet Franc Icewine is to add icewine and fresh berries onto vanilla ice cream. Icewine itself can be a nice dessert but pairing it with some berries and ice cream will take it to a whole new level.

For the Doughnut Lovers

Depending on the doughnut flavour, there are many different wines that pair with this classic junk food. If you’re a glazed doughnut kind of person, you can pair it with our LOLA Merlot VQA. Notes of wild cherries and blackberries pair well with the vanilla notes in the doughnut. If you enjoy a sour cream glazed doughnut, pair it with a nice Secco Sparkling VQA. Light and frothy flavours while green apple and pear dance on the palate pair nicely with the sourness of this particular doughnut. Lastly, if you’re opting for a chocolate doughnut, dive into a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

For the French Fry Lovers

If you pass by McDonalds and can’t help but stock up on some french fries, pair your junk food craving with a nice glass of the LOLA Secco Sparkling VQA. The bubbles and the acidity of the secco cuts right through the greasy french fries. It’s the perfect fancy fast food feast.

For the Candy Lovers

If you have a sweet tooth and indulge in candy every so often, we suggest pairing it with the Lighthouse Sauvignon Blanc VQA. The zesty flavours of the wine help bring out the sweet flavours of the candy. This wine has more apple and fresh pineapple flavours on the palate with a lovely lingering lemony finish.

Whether you’re having a night in by yourself and are looking to indulge or you’re headed out to a restaurant you know has great dessert, these junk food wine pairings will help you figure out what glass of wine to choose that will compliment your choice of dessert.