If you consider yourself an avid wine drinker, you’ve probably heard the reports that drinking wine is good for you. While we’re not legally able to tell you that, we can tell you that we offer some low carb, low sugar and low calorie wines in our current wine list which will give you some leaner options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Note: all nutritional information is based on a 5oz serving.

Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Calorie Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

13.5% alc./vol. | 0.5g sugar | 116 calories | 0.7g carbs

Medium ruby red colour. This wine is full bodied and characterized by plum, cherry, blackberry, vanilla and tobacco flavours. Pairs well with: rosemary-pepper beef rib roast, pizza vesuvio, ribeye steak or vegetarian chilli.

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Pinot Noir Reserve

13.5% alc./vol. | 0.7g sugar | 116 calories | 0.7g carbs

Medium ruby red colour. Perfumed with aromas of cherry fruit and vanilla with an underlying note of earth and chocolate. Flavours are reminiscent of sweet red berries, plums, tomatoes and cherries. Pairs well with: grilled tuna, roasted fall veggies, baked pork chops or mushroom risotto.

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Pinot Noir

12.9% alc./vol. | 0.8g sugar | 111 calories | 0.6g carbs

Medium ruby-red colour. Perfumed with aromas of leather and tobacco, flavours of raspberry and sour cherries make this Pinot Noir juicy with some grip. Pairs well with: seared Atlantic salmon, slow-roasted pork, traditional turkey dinner or curry lentil loaf.

LOLA Merlot

12.5% alc./vol. | 0.3g sugar | 106 calories | 0.3g carbs

Aged in 2,500 litre oak casks, our LOLA Merlot has aromas of wild cherries and blackberries with fine tannins. Pairs well with: salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas or make it a burger night. Salmon, bean, vegan or simply plain beef.

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LOLA Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc

12.4% alc./vol. | 0.7g sugar | 107 calories | 0.7g carbs

Offers flavours of cherry and currant with a light hint of cedar. Pairs well with: a barbecue of local meats, grilled fish or Portobello mushroom burgers.

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Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Calorie White Wines

Lighthouse Riesling

12.4% alc./vol. | 1.6g sugar | 110 calories | 1.6g carbs

Pale straw in colour. With a fragrant orchard fresh aroma and a delicate peach bouquet this is a refreshing white wine. The balance of acidity and residual sugar give the Riesling a good balance with a long aging potential. Pairs well with: appetizers, seafood, grilled asparagus with roasted potatoes and white meats. Perfect with cheese plates.

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Lighthouse Sauvignon Blanc

12.5% alc./vol. | 0.5g sugar | 106 calories | 0.3g carbs

Pale lemon in colour. Intense ripe green granny smith apple aromas on the nose. More apple and fresh pineapple flavours on the palate with a lovely lingering lemony finish. Light to medium-bodied and good acidity. Pairs well with: delicate lemon and herb dressed seafood and chicken, tangy arugula salad with goat cheese and lemon parmesan dressing or sweet potato quinoa salad.

J.S Hamilton White

12.5% alc./vol. | 0.5g sugar | 106 calories | 0.3g carbs

Lively flavours of pear and peach with a hint of sweetness. Pairs well with: cream-based seafood dishes, vegetarian pasta salad or well-aged cheeses.

Chardonnay (Un-Oaked)

12.5% alc./vol. | 0.6g sugar | 106 calories | 0.3g carbs

Pale straw in colour. Intense ripe honeydew melon aromas on the nose. Juicy ripe peaches and lime flavours on the palate with a lasting zesty finish. Medium bodied with racy acidity. Pairs well with: tangy Caesar salad, creamy tuna pasta bake or creamy avocado pasta.

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Pinot Grigio

12.7% alc./vol. | 0.5g sugar | 108 calories | 0.5g carbs

Pale gold in colour. Light floral nose. Ripe pears and apricots on the palate with a nutty finish. Medium-bodied and low to medium acidity with plenty of extract, giving this wine its signature silky, rich mouth feel. Pairs well with: seafood tostada bites, orzo risotto with buttery shrimp or grilled chicken with goat cheese and peppers. Spicy vegetarian Indian dishes.

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LOLA Chardonnay

13.8% alc./vol. | 1.0g sugar | 119 calories | 0.9g carbs

Pale straw in colour. Light and crisp with fresh aromas of apple, melon and citrus. A crisp acidity with a touch of spice. Pairs well with: poached salmon in buttery herb sauce or vegan falafel.

There you have it – our list of low carb, low sugar, low calorie wines. Which one will you be pairing with your next meal?


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