Home Wine Bar essentials? Depending on your level of wine prowess, what you deem essential may vary. We’ve created this guide for budding wine aficionados and for those who simply love all things wine.

A Place for Everything

Whether it’s a designated cellar, cabinet or cupboard, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure it is away from a direct heat source such as a furnace vent, stove or refrigerator.
  • Wine fridges are a great solution if you have room.
  • Make sure you have the ability to lay the bottles down if you’re thinking of “collecting”.
  • Not all wine bottles are the same height. 33cm/13in is usually the tallest.


There is much to be said about glassware. We think it’s best summed up with “6 Wine Glasses to Rule Them All” from Wine Folly. That being said, it comes down to your own personal preference.

Industry tip: We do a lot of photography with wine and our team has a somewhat obscene selection of glassware. For keeping costs in check, contributing to style variety and as a great sustainable choice, second hand shops are a fantastic source if you’re a fan of not being matchy-matchy.

corkscrews for home wine bar with Pelee Island Winery

Tools and Such

  • A sturdy corkscrew
  • Aeration tools – pouring spouts or wine carafes
  • Wine stoppers
  • Quick chiller
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Spittoon if you’re tasting

The Wine

Having a varied selection of wine on hand for pairing with meals and/or sharing with guests is key. We’ve made some suggestions below, but as in all things wine, it always comes down to what you enjoy.

Pelee Island Winery Lighthouse Semi-Sweet Riesling VQA on ConVino charcuterie board with white wine glass, almonds and blue cheese with sprig of rosemary
📸 Convino Board


Sippers – Riesling – try Lighthouse Riesling VQA

Crowd Favourite – Pinot Grigio – try Graffiti Pinot Grigio

Full Bodied – Chardonnay – try Vinedressers Chardonnay VQA

Surprise for Guests – Blanc de Blanc VQA


Sippers – Merlot – try LOLA Merlot VQA

Pelee Island Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve VQA Ontario red wine both vegan and sustainable.

Crowd Favourite – Baco Noir – try Bourbon Barrel Baco Noir VQA

Full Bodied – Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve VQA

Surprise for Guests – Cabernet Franc – try Lighthouse Cabernet Franc VQA. Many may not yet be familiar with this varietal on its own or that it’s one that flourishes in Ontario.

Sparkling Options

Not only Secco, Champagne, some Rosés and Lambrusco style reds expand this category from the traditional.

Pelee Island Winery Empress Traditional Method Sparkling VQA Ontario Wine

RosĂ© – LOLA Blush Sparkling RosĂ© VQA

Red Sparkling – Bella Red Sparkling VQA

Traditional Method – Empress VQA

Above all else, choose what you like, have fun and remember that the best part of enjoying wine is sharing it while in the relaxing company of family and friends.


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