Takeout time means no cooking with the bonus of supporting your local restaurant industry as we navigate January 2022.

Set the Stage

Takeout time means no cooking with the bonus of supporting your local restaurant industry as we navigate January 2022.

Part of what makes dining in special, is the atmosphere created by our friends in the restaurant industry. To capture a little bit of that magic, here are a few tips to make your takeout meal a little more special at home.

Plate it! Your food wasn’t meant to be eaten from takeout containers. Show it the respect it deserves and plate it.

Set the table. Eating at a restaurant means sitting down and catching your breath. This designated time is the difference between eating and dining. Create the dining vibe at home by setting the table for your meal. Yes, lighting candles makes even a Monday in January feel cozier.

Cue the music. Restaurants understand the role of music in the dining experience. Make sure to add tunes to your take out at-home menu. Whether you ask Alexa or Google to select a play list or choose music based on your meal, make sure to hit play before you dig in.

Dine Online

Dinner Party a la Zoom. While it’s not the same, getting together to share a meal on Zoom or another video chat platform such as Face Time, can create community. Especially for those living alone, sharing a meal and conversation can be a much-needed connection.

Organize in advance. Pick a theme or style of cuisine and choose a local favourite restaurant for take out. This is a great option for those living in different cities and towns.

Make it Social. You don’t have to be an award-winning photographer to snap a quick photo of your food to post on your social media, tagging the restaurant giving them a shout out and some online love through word of mouth marketing.

Pro tip – Prioritize and post the photo once you’re done dining. Eat your food when it’s hot and delicious. Focus on enjoying your meal.

Our Teams Picks for Popular Takeout Pairings

In our line of work, we get to work with the most amazing restaurants. It makes it near impossible to pick a favourite. So instead our team focused on choosing a few different styles of cuisines from various regions in Ontario and paired them with a Pelee Island Wine to inspire you to find your own favourite.

Soup Filled Dumpling at Shanghai Bistro – 2045 Wyandotte St W, Windsor. This place is amazing. They hand roll dumplings in the front window and deliver these amazing soup filled dumplings that are so flavorful, fresh and seriously addictive. When I get these for take out, I like to crack open Lighthouse Sauvignon Blanc VQA. I love the crispness of the Sauvignon Blanc which cleanses my palate for the next delicious bite. – Matt

Top Shelf Burger at Scotty’s Corner Diner – 2006 Robertson Rd, Nepean. Simple, straightforward delicious that pairs perfectly with Pelee Island Baco Noir VQA. – Taylor

Bacon Mac & Cheese with a side of Onions Rings at Almond Butterfly – 792 Dundas St W, Toronto. This is what dreams are made of for those of us who need to eat gluten-free. Gooey, solid, hearty bacon and cheese. And the onion rings… a firm with just the right amount of smooth oil texture. I pick up these two with LOLA Cabernet Franc Rosé VQA (also on their menu) which balances the heavy texture of both with its light but rich flavorful berries and cream finish. – Sue

Takeout time means no cooking with the bonus of supporting your local restaurant industry as we navigate January 2022.

Vegan Stuffed Pasta Shells at Tall Trees Muskoka – 87 Main St W, Huntsville. Stuffed with sweet potato, spinach, artichoke hearts and caramelized onion, baked in roasted red pepper and chipotle sauce and topped with whole cashews. Team it up with Gewürztraminer Reserve VQA to balance out the bite. And yes, all of our VQA wine, since vintage 2017, is vegan. – Chrystie

Great White North PizzaScore Pizza – various locations across the Ontario – Garlic Cream Sauce, Asiago, Mozzarella, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Crushed Garlic, Arugula…. decadent rich meets comfort food. Try it with Vinedressers Chardonnay VQA. – Darryl

Looking for something new to you in your local neighbourbood? Most areas have a restaurant association (like our local Kingsville Eat,Drink, Dine Kingsville) or business association, such as a BIA that will have a full listing of establishments in your area.

When ordering takeout isn’t an option, remember you can always choose to support local by liking and sharing their posts on social media. This not only introduces the establishment to potential new customers, it shows them the support of their community.


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