World class quality found close to home? If you’re in Kingsville, or ready to have it delivered directly to your doorstep, here’s how.

world class quality olive oil

Located just down the road from Pelee Island Winery on the north shore of Lake Erie, in the quaint Victorian town of Kingsville, you’ll find our longtime neighbour Cindy’s Home and Garden. From its humble beginnings as a one greenhouse operation that began in 1989, Cindy’s has blossomed into a 12,000 square ft gift shop, fashion boutique, and gourmet shop complimented with an active seasonal garden centre.

Bringing World Class Home

On their many travels the owners of Cindy’s, Jay and Tish Martin, have experienced a multitude of cuisines and cultures.  As admitted foodies, they were always in search of that next great flavor.  Along the way they developed a true love for fine olive oils and balsamic vinegars, visiting tasting bars wherever they found one.

As their passion for these products grew, they soon realized that there weren’t many local options for high quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  They had already pondered how to make their “Cindy’s Too” kitchen store more of a gourmet emporium, and so the idea was born to combine their desire to have a local source for super high quality products and to make Cindy’s Too a gourmet destination.  Suddenly, Cindy’s Olive Oil Company was born!  They traveled to California to source some of the world’s highest quality olive oils and vinegars.

Within 2 months, a new space was created for Cindy’s Olive Oil Company, and product was in hand.  Southwestern Ontario’s largest olive oil tasting bar was born. They wanted to offer their customers a wide variety of options, and brought in over 60 flavours of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  But they didn’t stop there. 

Tish was determined to be more than a product expert, she wanted to be a flavour and quality expert. She enrolled in a course to become an Olive Oil Sommelier and is now one of a small group of certified sommeliers in Canada.  Tish’s palette is extremely refined, and with that she can truly define flavour and quality. It enables her to counsel clients with a level of expertise that is exceptionally rare.  

Cindy’s Olive Oil Company offers the largest selection of world class olive oils and balsamic vinegars in Southwestern Ontario.  The quality of the products offered at Cindy’s Olive Oil Company are truly exceptional.

Bringing Kingsville to Your Door

We’ve partnered with Cindy’s Olive Oil Company to bring their world class olive oils, along with some of our world class award winning wines to your doorstep this fall with 2 perfectly paired packages.

Check out the Fall in Love With Entertaining blog from Cindy’s Home and Garden for delicious recipes for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Learn more about Cindy’s Olive Oil Company products such as shelf life, storage and all the goodness associated with quality olive oil via their website.