May 27 is a Chardonnay Kind of Day. Marked on the calendar as ‘International Chardonnay Day’ we thought it was a great opportunity for us to share with you a little more about the world’s most widely planted white grape varietal.

Quick Facts

Chardonnay originates from the town of Chardonnay, France found in the Burgundy region now called Burgundy-Franche-Comte.

It is the dominate grape found in Champagne and sparkling wines made in what is elsewhere called “the Traditional Method”.

We were honoured to win the prestigious Chardonnay du Monde Awards in 2020. •

– Chardonnay Unoaked VQA 2018 – Bronze Medal

– LOLA Chardonnay VQA – Bronze Medal

– Vinedressers Chardonnay VQA 2012 – Silver Medal

Pelee Island Winery Chardonnay VQA Ontario white wine made from Chardonnay grapes grown in sustainable vineyards on Pelee Island and is Vegecert vegan certified.

Chardonnay the Pelee Island Way

Perhaps one of Chardonnay’s biggest fans is our team member Lori, who has been with Pelee Island Winery for over 20 years. We ask her for her thoughts on these 3 Chardonnays and how she would pair them.

Chardonnay Non Oaked VQA – Pleasing for hot day refreshment, lighthearted and crisp acidity. Perfect match with the Bentley’s Bar and Inn menu in Stratford, Ontario. 

Lori’s Restaurant Pairing: Bentley’s Favourite Californian Burger. It’s fantastic. Freshly grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, sautéed onions, avocado, Monterey Jack cheese and maple Dijon mustard.


Pelee Island Winery LOLA Chardonnay VQA Ontario white wine that is Ontario Sustainable Wineries certified and Vegecert vegan certified.

LOLA Chardonnay VQA – Our dolled-up Chardonnay laced with bright fruit forward fruit and a subtle smooth finish. It’s the perfect marriage with the Elk and Finch in Southampton. 

Lori’s Restaurant Pairing: Chef Bill creates a rich seafood pasta with pan seared shrimp, scallops in a white wine cream sauce.  Your day is complete when you have a chance to dine on the patio.

Vinedressers VQA Chardonnay – Anyone for a generous, complex Chardonnay?  Look no further, delicious ripe tree fruit, laced with toasty oak.  Definitely a meditation wine.  Namaste.

Lori’s Home Pairing: Vegan White Bean Chili

Pelee Island Winery Vinedressers Chardonnay VQA Ontario white wine that is Ontario Sustainable Wineries certified and Vegecert vegan certified.

“Made in the Winery”

Non oaked or unoaked, both acceptable monikers, tend to be more fresh on the palette. The richer notes of butter replaced with notes of fresh, crisp fruit.

This is a saying that is often attached to Chardonnay. Why? This grape is a crafty one. It truly empowers winemakers to express nuances found in their unique terroir. Perhaps the most well-known way of creating with Chardonnay is the use of oak barrels.

Oaked Chardonnay’s will tend to express more full-bodied notes that lend themselves to the popular buttery note and include vanilla and spice with additional notes of tropical fruits such as pineapple or apple.

These 3 would make for a great side by side Chardonnay tasting this summer.


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