The "Purr-fect Pairing" - A Toast to the Windsor/Essex Humane Society. Pelee Island Winery Pet Pic label with two cats on it.

We think we’ve found the “purr-fect” pairing with the Windsor/Essex Humane Society with our latest custom label project. This week we launched the Pet Pic wine promotion which gives you the opportunity to see your pet’s sweet face on your wine bottle.

The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society offers many programs with the goal of helping animals in need right here in Windsor and Essex County. Their shelter, (located at 1375 Provincial Road, Windsor) sees thousands of animals come through their doors every year. Whether healthy or sick, feral or tame, WECHS does whatever they can to assist our community’s animals.

“From our own teams’ experiences, we know how much added comfort and joy our pets have brought us in the last year,” shared Matt Gale, Sales Coordinator with Pelee Island Winery. “We wanted to create something that would raise awareness and funds for more animals to find their forever homes.”

The adorable faces shown here are our team member Hannah’s furry friends.

The "Purr-fect Pairing" - A Toast to the Windsor/Essex Humane Society. Pelee Island Winery Pet Pic label with a dog on it.

What’s the secret to a “purr-fect” pet pairing?

WECHS’ adoption program works to find homeless animals the perfect family to call their own. Currently operating virtually, interested adopters can fill out adoption applications at, answering a simple series of questions. This helps the adoption team determine which pet would be the best fit for the adopter’s family. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, even chickens get adopted through this program.

Questions to think about in your search for the right pet for you are ones such as: The physical space your home offers both inside and out; how much time are you committed to spending with your pet; are there children in your household; allergies and your experience level with the type of animal you are wanting to welcome home.

Windsor/Essex Humane Society Pet Pic Wine by Pelee Island Winery in Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc VQA Ontario red wine and Pinot Grigio VQA Ontario white wine,

What about the wine pairing?

Our Pet Pic wines are Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc VQA and/or Pinot Grigio VQA. They can be purchased as 12 red, 12 white or a mixed case of 6 each.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc VQA – pairs with red sauce and mushroom based dishes, as well as Tex Mex cuisine.


Pinot Grigio VQA – pairs with creamy risotto and spicy cuisine such as Indian and Thai.


Note – All of our VQA vintages from 2017 on, are Vegecert vegan certified.

“Good Home Guarantee”

The Humane Society is proud to be able to offer a “Good Home Guarantee” to every animal who comes through their doors. The guarantee is their promise that they will find them a home, and that no adoptable pet will be put down. No animal is ever euthanized for space reasons, or because they have been there for “too long”.  A pet will only be euthanized when it is the only humane option for serious medical or behavioural reasons, or when the animal poses a risk to the safety of others. In many cases, the WECHS medical team or behaviour staff can work with an ‘unadoptable’ animal to bring them to a point where they are able to move into the adoption program or be transferred to a special needs rescue partner to find a forever home.

They are also able to help other organizations who have more animals than they can handle by accepting animals from them, run a self-sustaining spay and neuter clinic which offers a range of services to pets and feral “community cats” as part of an effort to reduce the number of kittens being born outside.

We think all that amazing dedication deserves a toast. We thank you for joining us in supporting the Windsor/Essex Humane Society.


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