Pelee Island Winery Taste of Windsor Package.

The Taste of Windsor. With its rich history and diverse offerings, it was a given that we could’t miss highlighting Windsor breweries in our “Taste of” packages. You’ve told us you are loving our ongoing series of collaborating with local breweries to bring you the best of local beer and wine. We’re proud to share our 3 latest with you.

First, what is it that ties these 3 breweries to what Windsor is to us. Windsor the largest city in the most southern county in Canada, Essex County. It also happens to be right across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan. Windsor is actually south of Detroit, as is most of Essex County. On Pelee Island, we come in as the most southern inhabited land in all of Canada.

So that’s your geography lesson. But how does the Windsor unite these breweries other than by their geography?

Windsor and Essex County has a rich history steeped in libations, building and being tenacious. It holds the roots of the commercial wine industry in Canada, infamous for rumrunning during prohibition and building both in the structural sense and of manufacturing, the auto industry in particular.

Windsor and Essex County has seen its ups and downs and one thing is for certain, the history has woven itself together for an amazing tasting experience.

Walkerville Brewery

Established in 2021 and known for being one of the first craft breweries in Windsor, Walkerville Brewery offers unique, award winning craft beers in small batches using quality ingredients. The Geronimo IPA and Purity Pilsener you received in your Taste of Windsor package are both Gold Medal winning beers!

Walkerville Brewery is steeped rich in history, as the original Walkerville Brewing Co. dates back to 1890! They pay homage to the original brewery, as well as many other original breweries in Windsor/Essex though their branding, heritage series and historic brewery site.

The brewery itself occupies an historic 18,000 square foot building once known as “Surge Plant 16” and is located only blocks away from the original Walkerville Brewing Company established in 1890. 

We frequently support and give back to our community”, says Stepen Bray, Brewmaster. “One of our favourite ways is by producing several one-off brews each year with proceeds benefiting local charities and initiatives.”

Sandwich Brewing Co.

Their love of old buildings is eclipsed only by their love of exceptional beer. This great west Windsor brewery put it all on the line to create something special at the confluence of the two!

Taste the exceptional beer portion Sandwich Brewing Co.’s equation in The Taste of Windsor Package with their White Bronco Juicy IPA and Prairie Sunshine Blood Orange Wheat Ale.

Craftheads Brewing Co.

Craft Heads Brewing Company was founded on the principle of delivering bold, over-the-top flavours sourced with local ingredients giving each and every one of their beers a unique personality all their own.

Their passion for brewing has resulted in the brewery featuring up to 30 taps of their own beer, in-house specialty coffee, retail shop for beer-to-go and catered food from neighbouring restaurants.

Taste the result of this creativity with their Blues’ Berry Blonde Ale and Fla Mango Fruit Ale found in the Taste of Windsor package.

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