Game on for game night… or day! The perfect amount of excitement for those relaxed summer nights or lazy afternoons. Our team here at Pelee Island Winery all agrees that they have fun memories of game nights with family and friends.

When we asked “What’s your favourite game?”, the answers were varied but all agreed that it’s the simplicity of it all. A small group, warm breezes and lots of laughter and friendly competition.

Create your own game night or day memories with our “Game On” game plan.

Pelee Island Winery Ruggles Run Gamay Noir Zweigelt VQA Ontario red wine and Lola Chardonnay VQA Ontario white wine on table in front of fireplace with Scrabble words.

Let’s Play! 

Cards, blocks or board, it starts with choosing your game. Our favourites include:

Board Games

Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk ranked among our teams top picks for board games. What can we say, we’re a little old fashioned.

How to Play: Monopoly , Scrabble , Risk

Card Games

Pelee Island Pinot Noir Reserve VQA Ontario red wine on poker table with cards and poker game chips.

Poker, Euchre and Cards Against Humanity

Poker offers a wide variety from the beginner to the card shark. 

Various forms of Poker

Euchre is a rainy day favourite. We all agreed we can get lost in this one for a good portion of the day.

As the website itself says, Cards Against Humanity is the party game for horrible people. We don’t think you need to be horrible, but we do suggest making sure everyone’s sense of humour is on the same page, or at very least, the same book. 

All Fall Down

Pelee Island Winery Baco Noir VQA Ontario red wine and Lola Sparkling Blush Rosé 250mL slim cans sitting on table with glasses and domino game.

Dominoes, originated in China in the 1300s and represent one of the oldest tools for game play. From professional domino competition to setting them up and then knocking them over, dominoes allow for a variety of games, as well as tests of skill and patience. (1)

Jenga and its tension mounting lead into the falling finalé, has become a new classic. It was created by Leslie Scott, the co-founder of Oxford Games Ltd, based on a game that evolved within her family in the early 1970s using children’s wooden building blocks the family purchased from a sawmill in Takoradi, Ghana. The name jenga is derived from kujenga, a Swahili word which means “to build”.(2)

Game Time Snacks 

Because playing works up an appetite, we suggest these classics:

MunchiesBits and Bites or Nuts and Bolts. Whichever version or name rings true to you, click on each for a recipe.  

Pair with: Lighthouse Sauvignon Blanc VQA , Pinot Noir VQA or Reserve Pinto Noir VQA , or Lola Secco VQA.

Popcorn – Pre-popped or warm freshly popped.

Pair with: Lola Chardonnay VQA with its kiss of oak will complement the rich butteriness beautifully.  

Pizza – Perfect nourishment, hand held and easy to cater to all the family’s tastes with topping choices. Individual flatbread pizzas are perfect for making one’s own custom pizza.

Some of our favourite pizza wines are to pair with are: 

Meat Lover’s – Baco Noir VQA

Hawaiian – Lighthouse Riesling

Margherita – Ruggles Run Gamay Noir Zweigelt VQA or Lola Sparkling Blush Rosé (bottle and new 250mL slim can)

S’mores – a category unto itself, we dedicated an entire blog to them “S’mores Please” complete with wine pairings. 

There you have it, our game plan for simple summer days and nights.


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(1) Toy Hall of Fame (2) Wikipedia