Delicious but difficult to pronounce if you’re not familiar with it. So let’s start with that…

New Reserve Late Harvest Gewürztraminer

How do I pronounce Gewürztraminer?

That colour! The grapes are not green. They have a pinkish hue. It’s this colour that gives the wine it’s deep golden colour.

Notes of… Gewürztraminer has a rich heady nose. Think exotic. Lychee, apricot and rich tropical fruit. Mangos, lemon, peaches. Roses and passionfruit. And some even claim a slight waft of bacon.

What’s in a name? Gewürtz is the German word for spicy or aromatic. A seemly perfect name for the above array of aromas.

Growing Gewürztraminer. A cool climate with clay soil and a limestone base create a fantastic terroir for this grape to grow and gift us with a wine that is full-bodied with strong fruit and a good acidity.

Lola Gewürztraminer

Chill or not to chill? We suggest chilling your Gewürztraminer to lift the aromas and acidity.

What to pair?

Late Harvest Reserve Gewürztraminer – this wine is new to our line up.

Created from a selection of hand-picked grapes, this late harvest is an intriguing wine with lychee undertones and hints of spice.

This is a perfect wine to simply sip and enjoy, or try pairing it with spicy vegetarian dishes, seared scallops or veal.

Lola Gewürztraminer

This wine has a flamboyant bouquet of lychees, roses and passionfruit and it is not uncommon to notice some spritz or fine bubbles on the glass.

Spicy Asian cuisine, blue cheese, fatty, wild game or vegan fried rice.

Gewürztraminer – the one with the prickly pear cactus on it.

Light sunshine lemon colour. Our Gewürztraminer has a spicy bouquet and fruity hints of mangoes and peaches. It makes an ideal aperitif.


Pair with: Pâtés, cheeses, African Peanut Soup and desserts.

We welcome you to stop by our Tasting Bar at our Kingsville Winery Retail Boutique or our Pelee Island Pavilion (mid-May to mid-October) and try our line up of Gewürztraminers to discover your new favourite.


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