Part of our crew on the last day of Pelee Island Winery Harvest 2019.
Part of our crew on the last day of Pelee Island Winery Harvest 2019. 📸 courtesy of K.Wallace

Harvest 2019 comes to a close. This is our Pelee Island Winery end of harvest tradition. On the last day of the harvest each year, the crew that’s on site poses for a celebratory photo in front of the grape wagons.

It’s a long haul for these team members. The harvest can begin earlier and last a little longer here in the Lake Erie North Shore (LENS) Region appellation.

Pelee Island is located in the sub-appellation known as the South Islands, which includes Pelee and 8 other islands in Lake Erie.

From the Vineyard

Harvester in the field for the 2019 Harvest on Pelee Island for Pelee Island winery.
Sunset harvest on Pelee Island.

The steady, predictable weather on Pelee Island was on our side this year. A wet spring pushed back the start of the season slightly but once it got going it was on point throughout.

There was timely rain in August pushing the sugars into the grapes and that fall weather! Not only did improve the grapes, it was beautiful for our team to carry out our 2019 harvest in!

Back at the Winery

Pelee Island Winery winemaker watching chardonnay grapes come in from the field to begin the winemaking process.
Chardonnay arriving at the crush pad
in Kingsville.

We’re also happy to report that the view from the crush pad was very promising for the early stages of the winemaking process .

The crush pad is the place where the grapes enter the “wine” part of their journey after they have been harvested.

Our winemaking team is excited. They are happy with the overall quality of each varietal of our 2019 harvest. What’s more, how this will lend itself to the art of winemaking and the vintages that will be marked 2019!


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