Interested in learning about wine online? Our team put together this list of some of our favourite sites for all things wine, online.

Going Local

wine online resource - map of the EPIC wine region including Pelee Island Winery

We at Pelee Island Winery are part of the EPIC Wineries group. “At the same latitude as the Mediterranean, the Lake Erie North Shore Region is nestled along Lake Erie. This location provides a unique maritime climate in a continental region, with exceptional soil conditions, and longer sun hours and greater heat units than any other area in Canada.” Check out all things EPIC.

Cheers to Ontario

Ontario continues to grow and be recognized for its amazing wine regions.

Pelee Island Winery Vineyards on Pelee Island Ontario wine country taken by Ian Virtue.

“Place is everything when it comes to wine. It’s where the sun, the rain, the air and the soil all meet – one special and unique place, like nowhere else on Earth. Cool climates are said to produce the most elegant and exciting wines in the world. Our place is Ontario, and it is the epitome of cool climate.” Want to know more about what makes Ontario special and its wine regions. Spend some time with our friends at Wine Country Ontario.

VQA Ontario Wine Appellation Authority is a regulatory agency responsible for maintaining the integrity of local wine appellations and enforcing winemaking and labelling standards. Learn more about what it means for wine to hold the VQA designation.

Industry Favourites

Lola Blush Sparkling Rosé VQA online from Pelee Island Winery at your local LCBO

With the link to their famous “Food & Drink” publication, the LCBO online site offers endless inspiration. Their site also offers recipe ideas paired with your favourite wines.

A lesser known feature of their site and one we love, is being able to locate the product inventory at a specific store location.

For those who want to learn more of the business of wine and specifically the wine industry in Ontario, we suggest the Wine Growers of Ontario site. If grape crop and economic impact are your thing, this is a super informative site.

Sipping a glass of red wine while reading about wine online

Industry performance and starting a winery your topics of interest? Ontario Craft Wineries offers up these reports as well as resources for taking a course about the wine appellations of Ontario.

We always enjoy Toronto Star Wine Critic Carolyn Hammond‘s take on the wine world. Her reviews and insights are approachable and insightful. You can also check out her YouTube channel.

All Things Wine

Looking for a general, all things wine site? Wine Folly is one of our staff’s favourite go-tos.

Learning about wine tasting

For those who are looking to further their wine education formally, the IWEG Drinks Academy offers courses for all levels of education.

And last, but certainly not least, Brock University’s CCOVI website has a ton of information about viticulture in Ontario for advanced learners that wish to geek out. So much to learn!


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