Spring has sprung! Sowing seeds. The excitement of that first sprout. The patience in the time of growth and the satisfaction of harvest. Yes, we get it. 

Whether it be growing grapes and making wine or planting seeds and creating your own home garden, the hope and joy found in being a part of the growth process and working with nature brings a sense of connection for all those who make the commitment to the process. 

It has also been shown, in numerous studies that gardening can reduce stress levels. 

So with all this in mind, let’s get growing!

Starting seeds to plant in a tray.
Planting a seed.

Seeds & Starter Soil

Sowing your own seeds takes some planning but can still be done relatively easily.

Check with your local stores for their options on delivery and curbside pickup. Online options are also available. Google seed companies with delivery to your area for sources. Remember if you’re in a city property with limited outdoor space, pick seeds that sprout into plants that do well in containers.

These were some of our favourite online resources.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Urban Cultivator

Making Your Own Seed Tray

We love the recycled option for making a seed tray from an egg carton and using the top, wrapped in a bread bag as the tray. 

Here are other great recycled options for seed trays 

Pelee Island Winery LOLA Sparkling Blush Rosé in a bottle and cans with mint planted in upcycled can.
Upcycle your LOLA Blush Rosé slim cans for a pretty herb garden in the kitchen window.

When It Comes Time to Planting

Refer to the dimensions for the container found on the seed package. Then get creative from there. Beautiful pots are fabulous if you have them on hand, but they are not necessary. 

Look to your recycle box for containers you can add drainage to and repurpose those. If you prefer, you can dress them up a little. Another great craft project for the kid in all of us. 

Here are some other innovative ways to use what you have for plantings.

8 Upcycled Planters

10 DIY Upcycled Planters

Seedless Options

If starting from seed isn’t for you, why not grow your food from your food. You can start items like lettuce and green onions easily from the ends. What you may have thrown out, has the potential to provide you with wonderful summer salads. 

Growing Lettuce From Lettuce

Veggies That Regrow Themselves

Ends of lettuce regrowing in small dishes of water on a window sill.
Various types of lettuce “regrowing”.

Focusing on the hope of Spring is one of the many gifts of gardening. And the tasty veggies and fruits you’ve grown will provide their own reward of harvest this summer. 

Update – New Resource!!! – Looking for more great tips on starting your own garden from seeds? We’ve come across this one we just had to share from The Gardening Mentor – “How to Start Seeds Indoors and Become a Better Gardener”.

Cheers & Be well!

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