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About the Island

Situated at the southernmost point of Canada, Pelee Island is 10,000 acres of idyllic vineyards, farms, beaches, parks and forestry. Over half of America's 50 states are north of Pelee Island including Northern California.

Pelee Island is on the same latitude as the prestigious wine regions of the world (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and France). The island is home to approximately 150 permanent residents, many of whom are involved in service or agriculture.

The main road stretches around the perimeter of the island and provides an excellent route to cycle or walk. If you plan to stay the night, there are a number of beautiful Bed and Breakfasts to accommodate; all serving Pelee Island Wines.

Pelee Island is home to the rarest natural habitat in the country. Over 10,000 unique species inhabit Pelee Island including the Honey Locust, Hop Tree, Prickly Pear Cactus and Sassafras.

While the island has developed it's trademarked reputation with wine experts and enthusiasts, naturalist enthusiasts also enjoy the island's unspoiled beauty and rustic simplicity. Birders may witness seasonal migrations of hundreds of species. From year to year, foxes and coyotes also call the island their home as do rare snakes such as the Blue Racer.

Along with its natural beauty, the island offers a host of activities, including fishing, hiking and biking. Visit the Vin Villa ruins; the invaluable remains of Canada's first commercial winery. Stop at Lighthouse Point and Fish Point or drive along one of the amazing dykes that crisscross the island.

The nautical museum located on the west dock exhibits evidence of the hundreds of shipwrecks in Lake Erie's shallow waters during storms and naval battles. There's also an amazing exhibit on Al Capone and his Rum Runners who used Pelee Island as a point of embarkation to Ohio during the years of Prohibition.

Pelee Island Winery reflects its unique heritage, both the naturalist and human histories of the island, with every label we produce.

Monday thru Friday, Pelee Island Winery offers group packages that include a walking tour of our facility and sampling of five wines from our list, as well as a barbeque lunch.

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