Last week Taylor Swift dropped her brand new album called Midnights and it’s safe to say we’re going to be listening to this one for the rest of the fall season. The only proper way to enjoy Taylor’s new music (and any of her music really) is with some fresh lit candles, comfort food and a bottle of wine.

After listening to Midnights (more than once!), we’ve gone ahead and paired some of the new tracks with some of our wine that would be the perfect fit for one another.

Snow on the Beach (Taylor Swift feat. Lana Del Rey)

This track on the album, is about the “cataclysmic, fated moment where you realize someone feels exactly the same way that you feel at the same moment,” said Taylor Swift in a video on Instagram ahead of the album’s full release. It’s about two people coming together at the right moment and everything falling into place almost as if it’s all a dream – similar to finding snow on the beach, two things that shouldn’t co-exist but still do.

We’ve paired this track with our Forward Crisp, Pinot Grigio Riesling – This blend of grape varietals is full of orchard fruit flavour and true to its namesake has a clean, crisp finish. It’s best served chilled, like you’d find the snow to be on the beach. Its flavours are unique and enjoyable.


Anti-Hero is a song Taylor Swift wrote about her struggles with her insecurities and anxieties in private as well as within the public eye. She shares about the things she worries about and is bothered by in this personal song.

“I have this thing where I get older, but just never wiser”

We’ve paired this track with our LOLA Blush Sparkling Rosé – a sparkling rosé has the same delicate flavour of a typical rosé but also surprises you with a bit of sparkle on your tongue. It has hints of strawberry and blood orange flavours. This wine pairs nicely with the pop-style sound of this song.

Lavender Haze

“If you were in the lavender haze, then that meant that you were in that all-encompassing love glow and I thought that was really beautiful,” explained Taylor Swift in an Instagram video. “We live in the era of social media and if the world finds out you’re in love with somebody, they’re gonna weight in on it... So this song is about the act of ignoring that stuff to protect the real stuff.”

We’ve paired this track with our Vinedressers Meritage VQA – a special, Bordeaux-style wine that is so delicious you may not want to share. It’s something you can savour and enjoy to yourself. It has aromas of black raspberries and currants. Your taste buds will celebrate the flavours of delightful cocoa with a sprinkle of tobacco.


The song Karma is about karma always coming back around – whether in a good way or a bad way. Taylor Swift alludes to the fact that when she has done everything right, she is rewarded with peace and happiness but explains that for those who choose to act out or misbehave, this isn’t always the case.

“Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend, Karma’s a relaxing thought, Aren’t you envious that for you it’s not?”

We’ve paired this track with our Bourbon Barrel Reserve Baco Noir VQA – a full-bodied, bold and firm wine with aromas of dark roasted coffee, licorice and chocolate. The intense flavours feel like karma is coming around to wake you up and get your attention.

Midnight Rain

The song Midnight Rain is about leaving a comfortable, healthy relationship to avoid settling. It’s about knowing there is something or someone out there that is better for you and working towards getting to that.

“He wanted it comfortable, I wanted that pain / He wanted a bride, I was making my own name / Chasing that fame, he stayed the same / All of me changed like midnight.”

We’ve paired this track with our LOLA Merlot VQA – Aged in 2,500 litre oak casks, our LOLA Merlot has aromas of wild cherries and blackberries with fine tannins. It’s deep, velvety, rich and smooth.

So, which Taylor Swift song/wine pairing will you be indulging in?

The truth is, any of our wines would be perfect to enjoy while listening to Taylor Swift’s new album (or any of her albums really) but we hope you enjoyed our little deep dive into the new songs and how they fit with our wine. Cheers!